Staff Configurator
Welcome to the Staff Configurator!
This tool will help you to plan your staff distribution to maximize your airline characteristics without having to train your staff ingame. It uses the formulas provided by the game. Test your setup without training costs.
1Enter your HR bonus research level
Staff #1
Staff #1
Staff #1
Staff #2
Delivery Speed
Staff #2
Staff #5
Professional Bonus
2Enter your staff distribution
Airport Operations Punctuality
Entry Level Professional Manager Safety
Cargo Expenses
Entry Level Professional Manager Delivery Speed
Cargo Offer
Ground Services Punctuality
Entry Level Professional Manager Comfort
Passenger Demand
Navigation Service Providers Punctuality
Entry Level Professional Manager Safety
Management Division Entertainment
Entry Level Professional Manager Price Attractivness
Ancillary Revenue
Total Sum of Stats
Entertainment: Price Attractivness:
Punctuality: Safety:
Comfort: Ancillary Revenue:
Expenses: Delivery Speed:
Cargo Offer: Passenger Demand:

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